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                    Greater Alton Church

                        M I N I S T R I E S

Prayer Team

   Ministry for Requested Prayer

   Contact: Suzanne Simpson  618-917-9509

DivorceCare / DivorceCare4Kids  (Coming soon)

   Ministry for Divorced Individuals... and their Kids 

   For Adults, Contact: (To Be Announced)  

   For Kids, Contact: Coral Kimble  618-540-3803


   Ministry for Survivors of Lost Loved-Ones  

   Contact: Jennifer Merioles  618-580-0543

Wounded Heart / Healing Path

   Ministry for Victims of Sexual / Substance Abuse

   Contact: Susan Gibbear  618-580-0460     


   Children's Ministry

   Contact: Jon Wooff  618-978-0166

              Elena Wooff  618-978-6122

       Kathleen Hyman  618-514-1295                


   Ministry for Teens & Their Families

   Contact: Gary Chappel  618-698-4750

               Susan Chappel  618-692-4750

                   Mike Dinnius  618-698-9253

A Cross Between

   SIUE Campus Ministry

   Contact: Nathan Gill  618-779-2072

                   Nicole Gill  618-610-3666

Young Adults

   Ministry for Young Adults

   Contact: Richard Harder  618-980-1072

Seniors On The Go

   Ministry for Older Adults

   Contact: Bob Stanford  618-709-9598

First Impressions

   Ministry through Greeting, Parking, Coffee

   Contact: Sue Cress  618-691-9243

Hands To Serve

   Ministry Serving the Deaf through ASL Interpretation

   Contact: Katelyn Clayton  618-604-6208

Good Samaritan

   Ministry through Benevolence

   Contact: Susan Lybarger 618-791-3487

                  Floyd Thornton

Levite Ministry

   Ministry through Building & Grounds Maintenance

   Contact: Mike Kiffmeyer  618-789-4024

Send It Out

   Ministry through Media - Audio / Video / Website

   Contact:  Richard Harder  618-980-1072

                    Megan Harder  618-567-8889

                   Tom Tarantino  618-530-5800


   Ministry Through Leading Praise & Worship

   Contact: Allan Hamblin  618-514-5690


   Christian Book Sales / Management

   Contact: Jennifer & Bryan Alford  618-465-5507


   Infant/Toddler Care

   Contact: Matt & Brien Gill  618-779-2070


Sewing Ministry

   Purpose: Sewing Proficiency

   Contact: Ellen Tolbert  618-550-4945