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The Kingdom of God

A 'LIVE ' audio class by: Allan Hamblin
Based on the book: 'The Kingdom Of God'
By: Tom A. Jones and Steve D. Brown

Jesus' main message was "The Kingdom of God". This should get our attention. We use the phrase, but do we use it like Jesus did? Is it at the center of what we preach and teach? More importantly, is it at the center of the way we live?

May 11, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 1 
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May 18, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 2 
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June 1, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 3 
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June 8, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 4 
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June 15, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 5 
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June 22, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 6 
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June 29, 2011 
The Kingdom Of God - Week 7


January 19, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 1 

January 26, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 2 

February 9, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 3 

February 23, 2011
Peacemakers Lesson 5 

March 2, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 6 

March 9, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 7 

March 16, 2011 
Peacemakers Lesson 8 

Jesus The Disciple Maker

Jesus Christ, the Disciple Maker". Thomas doubted. Peter denied. Matthew had a shady past. And most of Jesus' disciples had trouble understanding his true message and mission, at times. How did Jesus take lowly fishermen and tax collectors and turn them into some of the most influential men who ever lived? And how can modern church leaders empower regular church members to meet their potential as servants of God? Using Jesus Christ, Disciple-maker, we can learn Christ's methods in training his twelve disciples and a biblical pattern that emulates Christ's model for reaching the lost. 

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