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Tim Gill 

 Preacher at  G.A.C.

    As we once again read through The Daily Bible, early every morning I will be posting my thoughts on the people in each day’s reading – entitled 'DailyPeople' –
right here at GreaterAltonChurch.Org. After each reading, simply click the button at the top of each month's Reading Plan to get my take on who you just read about. To share your questions or comments, please text me, or send me 
message by clicking the link at the end of each 'DailyPeople' post. And lastly, 
I encourage you to find another Christian brother or sister who's also reading through The Daily Bible, and share your thoughts with them as well! 
I hope this is helpful in 2016 as you... Read  The  Bible  In  One  Year!!     Tim

Mar 31-(1 Samuel 16:1-17:58) "Goliath" He is bigger than your average warrior, standing nearly 10' tall!!  He's a professional killer too. Many men have fallen before him. But today a boy with a stone and a sling brings him down! How is this possible? David has The Lord at his side! It's remarkable what you can do when you bring The Lord along while facing your giants. What giant are you facing today? Is it discouragement? Is it family drama? Is it a financial mess? Is your giant a stronghold? Is your giant scaring you to death? GOD IS IN THE GIANT KILLING BUSINESS!! Whatever you are facing today, 'run to the battle line' with The Lord… and watch your giant fall! 

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Mar 30-(1 Samuel 15:1-35) "Saul" When you stop and think about it, Saul is the first major leader selected by God who rejects God (v10-11). Up to this time, Moses, Joshua, and the Judges 'ruled' much like a King during their lifetime. (For example: Moses commanded an army of 600,000. That sounds like something a King would do, doesn't it?) A closer look reveals that Moses, Joshua, and the Judges lived and led with great devotion to God (This includes Samson!). Yes, they made their share of mistakes along the way, but they never rejected God's sovereignty in their lives. Maybe this is why many of them are listed in Hebrews 11… but Saul is not. Saul is doing more than being careless and disobeying a command or two of God. He is rejecting God's will for his life altogether. This puts the whole nation in peril. Your attitude with God matters as well. Sometimes, you are going to be careless and make a few mistakes along the way; but as long as your heart is devoted to God, your influence (i.e., your leadership) can make a positive impact on your family and friendships. Today, make sure your heart stays completely devoted to God. Learn from your mistakes, and mature into a better leader in God's Kingdom. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 29-(1 Samuel 13:1, 14:49-51; 1 Chronicles 9:35-44; 1 Samuel 13:2-14:45) "Saul" He is considered by most to be the first King of Israel. But it doesn't take long for Saul to pull off a major blunder. Israel and the Philistines have squared off for a major battle. Before Israel attacks, it is customary to offer God a sacrifice. But after waiting for Samuel for quite a long time, Saul decides to offer the sacrifice to God himself. Oooops!! This is a serious problem!! For, Saul is not a Levite—he's a Benjamite. This restricts him from offering a sacrifice to God. To make matters worse, Samuel shows up, and he rebukes Saul for his sin, and tells him his days as King are now numbered. Are you one to inquire of The Lord before a major decision or action, or do you tend to 'wing it' and 'fly by the seat of your pants'? The best thing you can do when contemplating a major decision or action, is to seek God's help and blessing. Today, avoid a major blunder by looking into God's Word for some guidance. Take your dilemma to God in prayer, and expect Him to give you His wisdom. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 28-(1 Samuel 8:1-12:25) "The King" Samuel has done a fantastic job leading Israel. But as Samuel gets older and older, Israel realizes he's not going to be around forever. So they ask for a King. This angers God! Why? Israel already has a King! It's God Himself!!! Think about it… God has led them and ruled them ever since they left Egypt. After entering the Promised Land, God sent judges to deliver them from the threats of their pagan neighbors. But now God's people don't want Him to lead them. They want something more permanent. They want a King to rule them like everyone else; someone to follow into battle. They want a man to lead them. Hmmm... Why is it, when man gets into trouble, he looks on the earth for answers, instead of looking to heaven? Samuel warns that this rejection of God would lead to destruction. It did. In fact, generations later, a crowd would say, "We have no King but Caesar!" (Jn 19:15). It's crazy, huh? Look, Leadership is important, but it must never take the place of God! No government or political party has all the answers. No preacher or church leader, (Regardless of how charismatic he/she may be), can replace the Lordship of God. God is your true KING. So your loyalty must lie first with God, and no other. Today, answer a few questions about Lordship: Who is your King? Who is calling the shots? Is it another human being, or God? Who has the love and power to take care of you? That's the King you should serve. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 27-(1 Samuel 3:1-7:17) "Samuel" Samuel may be one of the greatest characters in the Bible. His impact on Israel is unparalleled. Why? How was Samuel able to accomplish so much for God? It could be that he listened closely for God's voice. The will of God mattered much to Samuel. He expected God to speak to him on a regular basis. With this kind of faith, God was able to prepare him for works of service. How about you? How much are you paying attention to the voice of God? Do you expect The Lord to speak to you regularly? Is he speaking into your life this very minute? Are you a student of the Bible? God speaks to you every day, so listen closely when He communicates to you through a friend, a thought, or His Word. Today, make it a point to listen for God's voice… and be blessed. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 26-(1 Samuel 1:1-2:36) "Hannah" She’s crying... She can barely pray... For Hannah has no children. One day, she makes a promise to God. If she has a son, he will serve The Lord all his life. With hope, Hannah keeps praying until she finally gives birth to Samuel. After a few years, she brings her son to the Tabernacle and gives him to Eli like she promised. Samuel would become one of the most significant characters in all of the Bible. Samuel's significance can be traced back to the prayers of his mom. Have you ever made a vow to God? Have you ever promised something to God? God takes promises seriously; especially yours! Today, make a promise to God. Make a vow that you will not waste your life. Promise God that you will dedicate every blessing you receive to pleasing Him. Dedicate your children and your grandchildren to Him. Use everything you have to influence them to be faithful to The Lord. 

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Mar 25-(Judges 19:1-21:25) "Benjamin" It's gruesome beyond belief... A woman is gang raped in Israel, and the tribe of Benjamin wants to sweep it under the rug. But God won't allow it. To look the other way would have destroyed all of Israel. So God uses the other tribes to confront the sin in Benjamin. Israel presses Benjamin, and they would fight for 3 days! Over 90,000 men would die on the battlefield!! For the sinful actions of a few, many would die. Why? Dealing with sin isn't a walk in the park. Sometimes it can be a war!! But there is a bright side to this account in the book of Judges. Not everyone in the tribe of Benjamin dies. God is good. God is merciful. 600 are spared. And this remnant would start over and restore a missing tribe. Dealing with your sin isn't easy. You have to take a very serious approach if you are going to get it out of your life. You may have to put to death all kinds of habits, pleasures, and relationships to get the job done. For, if you fail, you WILL die!  But remember one thing. God is good... God is merciful. He will help you start over and give you the power to restore the missing love for yourself, for others, and for Him. Today, face your sin radically... seriously… and find redemption! 

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Mar 24-(Judges 17:1-18:31) "Micah" With the help of his mother, he has made his own personal god and a place of worship. It's a nice set up. All he needs now is a priest to serve in his little church, and he'll have it made. But Micah has made a fatal mistake. For, the true place to worship God was closer to Shiloh; but Micah wants it more convenient for himself. So he sets up shop closer to his home, and is content. People have been messing with God and His will for generations. Many today custom make what they want their God to be like and what He wants them to do. This will never work. You must surrender to God and follow Him on HIS terms. Today, ask yourself if you have been guilty of trying to make your church fit into your own idea of what church should be about over God's. Make a commitment to restore God's Kingdom the way God wants it over your own… and be blessed. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 23-(Judges 13:1-16:31) "Samson" He's one of the most popular characters in all the Bible. Raised by God-fearing parents, Samson is dedicated to God from birth. Not a bad idea for every parent to do. But the 'Hercules of the Bible' had a great weakness. He didn't listen! For years, Samson's pride kept him from listening to God and to wise counsel. His pride and carelessness would finally catch up with him. Without realizing it, The Lord left him; and he lost the source of his great strength. But God is gracious to Samson. As Samson calls out to God, his faith and strength are restored. Samson is able to do what he was born to do: Deliver Israel from the Philistines. What's your weakness? Is it your pride? Is it your hormones? Is your weakness fear, or could it be greed? Do you feel weak? Do you feel defeated? It's only when you look to God, that you will restore your strength. Today, start getting your strength back. Humble yourself, and start listening and learning from God and others. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 22-(Ruth 1:1-4:22) "Mara" It's miserable in Israel. A famine has made living conditions extremely difficult. But Naomi is now excited!! She is moving away from the dust and difficulty. With great anticipation, she packs up and leaves her friends to live in the plush and pagan land of Moab. Life is good, right? Wrong!! The greener grass on the other side of the fence soon turns to weeds! In 10 years, she loses her husband and two sons. With no provider, she loses everything! All she has left are her two daughters-in-law. So Naomi returns home with a different name: Mara. It means 'bitter'. For, her life away has become very bitter. But when she returns, God blesses her with a grandson. How has life been for you lately? When life gets difficult are you tempted to move where the grass appears to be greener? Hey! If you haven't figured it out by now, the grass is greener where you water it!! If life is difficult right now, don't cut and run. Stand your ground!! Be patient, and keep trusting The Lord!! For, His blessings are coming your way. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 21-(Judges 10:1-12:15) "Jephthah" Born unexpectedly of a prostitute, and utterly rejected by his own family, Jephthah would be used by The Lord to deliver Israel. He is also listed in the 'Hall of Faith' in Hebrews 11:31. What can you learn from this judge? Well, no matter what 'skeletons' you may have living in the closet of your past, God can still use you in powerful ways. Your pedigree or perfection doesn't matter to God as much as your passion to please Him. For, God wants to use you for His purpose. You also learn that doing the will of God may lead to some sacrifice. You see this in Jephthah fulfilling his vow to God. Does he kill his daughter? No... But he does dedicate her to God to serve in the temple the rest of her life as a single woman. To fulfill this kind of vow takes courage and commitment. What are you sacrificing in order to serve your God? Today, let Jephthah give you the hope and courage to faithfully continue to serve God. 

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Mar 20-(Judges 8:4-9:57) "Abimelek" He was the son of Gideon and his concubine... and he wanted power! So he kills his own brothers (70 of them) in order to be in charge. But Abimelek's hunger for more power would eventually destroy him. Abimelek teaches a lesson every follower of God should consider. For, the desire of power and control corrupts the heart. It leads to ignoring and completely disregarding the will of God. Selfish ambition will cause you to say and do all kinds of terrible things (lie, cheat, abandon, hurt) to others, just to get to the top. What do you notice about Abimelek? Where are you trying to have control? What does a selfish ambition lead to? Read James 3:16 for a clue. What would God want you to do? Today, let God have control. 

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Mar 19-(Judges 6:1-8:3) "Gideon" He rises to become one of the greatest leaders of all time! With only 300 men, He delivers Israel from the hands of Midian. But Gideon didn't start out that way. At the beginning, you find 'The Fighting Farmer' hiding in a hole! He's not very strong; the runt of his family. Not very impressive when you think about it. When God calls him, Gideon isn't very cooperative either. He has to have proof that God will be with him. But Gideon finally comes around and climbs out of his hole to be used by God. How about you? Have you been hiding in a hole? Have you been reluctant to have God use you? Look, you will not rise very far in life staying in the safety of your hole. That hole is nothing but a grave for your faith!! It's time to get out of your hole!!! God needs you!! God needs men and women like Gideon to come out into the open, pick up their sword, and deliver the people. Today, put your faith in God. The God of Gideon will give you the strength you lack, and ensure great victory. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 18-(Judges 4:1-5:31) "Jael" Traveling in Israel is difficult these days. People are forced to take the back roads instead of the highways. Why? Once again, Israel's pride and stubbornness has gotten them into a big mess. Jabin, the King of Canaan, lords over Israel with an iron fist! No one is courageous enough to stand up against Jabin. In distress, God's people cry out... again. God sends help... again. This time it's a couple of women—Deborah and Jael. Because Deborah takes a stand, Jael takes a tent peg and drives it through the head of Sisera, and ends the war! Israel is free again! What heroic action can you take to turn things around for your family, ministry, or church? Don't you think it's time to stop standing around and letting your enemy push you around? It's time to take a stand and do something!! Today, call on your Lord for the courage to deal with sin seriously. Call on God to start restoring His people… and let it begin with YOU! (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 17-(Judges 2:7, 10-23; Judges 3:1-31) "Othniel" After Joshua dies, another generation raises up that does not know The Lord. As a result, Israel does not follow The Lord. Whether subtle or blatant, their disobedience makes a big mess of things!! How bad does it get? Well, The Lord starts fighting against them! That can't be good!! But God does something interesting. As soon as the people call out to Him, He sends them His help. He sends Othniel to deliver them. Is there a lesson here? You bet! When you get yourself into trouble, call out to God! For, He loves you and He will send you help. And when He sends you His help, make sure you take it! For, when you do, God will deliver you and give you all kinds of peace! Are you taking His help? 

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Mar 16-(Judges 1:1-10) "The men of Judah and Simeon" With Joshua dead, Israel now turns their attention to the daunting mission of taking possession of the land. God selects the tribe of Judah to begin the task. But the men of Judah do something very smart. Before they begin, they ask the men of Simeon for their help to face the Canaanites. They, in turn, agree to help them conquer their land when the time comes. It's a very smart move, and the payoff is amazing! Who are the men/women who are helping you take possession of what God has promised? For, what lies ahead of you is too big to handle by yourself! What lies ahead is too great to lose. You are going to need some good and godly people around you if you are going to achieve success. If you have a good team of people around you, then praise God! You are going to make it. But, if you don't have a good team of people around you, begin forming one immediately. For, two ARE better than one; and three are even better!! With a good team, you will win! 

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Mar 15-(Joshua 23-24) "Friends" Joshua has reached the end of the line. The Promised Land is nearly in Israel's hands. But before he dies, Joshua gives some final instructions that are very important to consider: He warns Israel to not get too close to the pagan nations among them. Hmmm... Joshua sounds narrow minded. Could he be a little too dramatic here? Not at all! He knows what he's talking about. You see, Joshua believes the worldly nations will turn Israel's heart away from God, and this will lead to their destruction. Believe it or not, you live among shades of paganism and unbelief too. Many of your worldly friends can be nice, and a pleasure to be with. Right? But it's especially with friendships like these that you need to be cautious (Pro 12:26). For, these 'harmless' relationships aren't always so harmless after all. They can influence you in more ways than you think (Pro 18:24). They can slowly lead you away from your core convictions about God and His word (1 Cor 15:33). So what do you do? You do what Joshua did. You make a strong and personal decision to be God's best friend (Joshua 24:15). This takes a lot of guts! But these kinds of choices can be very rewarding. Today, take a good look at the friendships you cherish. Are they good for you? Are they bringing out your spiritual best? They may be a lot of fun, but how do they influence your faith? Israel would ignore Joshua's counsel, and lose everything. What about you? Will you make a strong decision to serve The Lord regardless what others will say or do? It's a tough decision, but it will pay off in the long run! (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 14-(Joshua 21) "The Levites" Of the 12 tribes of Israel, the Levites are special. This priestly tribe was set apart to serve in the presence of The Lord. Accompanying this distinction was the privilege of living throughout the Promised Land. Everywhere they lived was home. This meant that the Levites lived in every town and settlement. Why? Why does God strategically place them everywhere? It was to remind the rest of Israel of God's love and their obligation to follow Him. In a way, you share this responsibility with the Levites. As God’s special servant, you are strategically placed in your family, campus, neighborhood, and workplace to remind people of how much God loves them, and their obligation to follow The Lord. Today, live in such a way, among the people, that points them to their creator. With your words and conduct, remind those around you to serve The Lord. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 13-(Joshua 14:6-14) "Caleb" Caleb is eighty five years old, and as energetic as ever! His passion for God is as vibrant as it was when he was a young man! So when he asks for his allotment, he asks not for the easy level landscape of the plains, but for the rugged terrain of the mountains! He cries, "Give me this mountain!" How about you? Would you say you are as passionate for God as you were years ago? Have you died… before you have died? Resist the tendency to spiritually plateau. Today, lift up your eyes to God. Ask God to fill your heart with intense passion for Him. Be bold! Grab life by the throat, while trusting The Lord. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 12-(Joshua 10) "Adoni-Zedek, Hoham, Piram, Japhia, and Debir" Five Kings... Five rulers join forces to defeat God's people. But Joshua calls on the power of God, and something amazing happens. The sun's momentum slowly dissipates until it stops in its tracks! Then God gives Joshua the power to defeat them all. Amazing, isn't it? There are powerful 'Kings' joining forces to defeat you right now. These Kings can come in the form of pride... greed... lust... jealousy... or bitterness. They seek to dominate and destroy you. But if you will call on The Lord, He will work powerfully and help you defeat them! Today, turn the tide of the battles within you by relying and calling on your Lord. For, He will give you the victory! (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 11-(Joshua 6) "Achan" He's hiding something... He's shady with the truth... He isn't very clear... He thinks no one will find out... But Achan's lies eventually catch up with him. They destroy him!!!! What can you learn from Achan? Well, first of all, you can't hide your sin. Eventually it's gonna come out into the open. So you might as well get it out before it's too late. Secondly, your sins aren't just between you and God. They are connected to everyone you know. It's a fact: Your hidden a sins harm those you love. You can tell yourself that they won't, but the truth is, your sin will drag your family and friends down with you. Achan's sin led to 36 casualties in God's army. When you stop and think about it, that's a lot of collateral damage! Are you hiding something? Are you leaving out some details? If so, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? You are not protecting anyone, including yourself, with more lies. Look what God promises: Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy (Proverbs 28:13)

Look, lies don't work!! Why not try being open and honest with your sin once and for all? You have nothing to lose but your guilt and shame. 

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Mar 10-(Joshua 1:1-9, 3:1, 2:1-24, 1:10-18, 3:2-5:15) "Joshua" He has been at the side of Moses since he was a boy... learning how to be a man of God. The time has come for Joshua to step into some pretty big shoes as he replaces Moses. How does he do it? How does he get ready when the time comes to lead? He simply trusts God like he was always taught. You are much like Joshua. There will be a time when it will be your turn to lead. It could be your very own family; on your shift; in your neighborhood; or a role in your church. Will you be ready when it's your turn? Stop wasting valuable time!!! Today, renew your commitment to learn and grow. Take advantage of the mentors God has placed in your life. Learn all you can while you still have time, so you will be ready when it's your turn to lead. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 9-(Deuteronomy 32:48-34:12) "Moses" It has to be a bittersweet moment for Moses. He has spent most of his life leading Israel. First, it is out of the bondage in Egypt. Then, it is out of the pride in Israel as they wander through the wilderness. Finally, he has led a new generation to the boarders of Canaan. But Moses can only look from a distance. Why? Why can't Moses go in with everyone else? He blew it! He messed up at the waters of Meribah Kadesh in the desert of Zin. That's the bitter part... But there is something sweet happening to Moses. God is still talking to him. God still loves Moses. God is still working with and through Moses. God shows Moses the Promised Land! And He takes him to HEAVEN! Have you blown it? If you have, you need to take it seriously. You must own it! You MUST learn from your mistakes!!! But there's something else you should know. God is not through with you; He still loves you very much. Forgiveness is his specialty. He still uses 'epic failures' for great things. So get back up... brush the dirt off yourself... admit your sins to God, and start again! For, God still wants to use you in a mighty way! (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 8-(Deuteronomy 31:1-8, 14-15, 23, 16-22, 31:24-32:47) "Jeshurun" The name means the upright one; and that's what Israel had been for 40 years. God had provided food and protection as they wandered in the wilderness. All along the way, Israel was focused and committed to their God. But as they are about to go into the Promised Land, God warns them to avoid becoming ungrateful and full of pride like their ancestors were when they came out of Egypt. For, 'Jeshurun', (i.e., Israel), had a history of growing fat and lazy from all of God's blessings, and eventually leaving God all together. By the way, this is exactly what happens again. It would take several generations, but 'Jeshurun' 

'The Upright Ones' – would become the defiant ones, and reject their God. This sounds kinda crazy, doesn't it? Today, let Jeshurun remind you of how easily you can grow ungrateful and indifferent toward your loving God. Today, think of how you can remain grateful and humble. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 7-(Deuteronomy 26:18) "God's Most Treasured Possession" As you read more and more of the Old Testament, you will notice how much God loves His people. God loved Israel deeply. He cares for this nation too. He leads them...feeds them...protects them...and directs them. Why? He treasures them in His heart. Of all the things He loves, He loves His people the most. He feels the same way about you. You are His first choice (1 Peter 2:9); you really are! He loves you more than anything else. He is for you!! When you talk to Him, He is quick to listen and eager to bless. Today, consider your significance to God. Be encouraged by His deep love for you. Live with confidence, knowing He's for you. Seek Him and His will with all your heart! 

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Mar 6-(Leviticus 22:31-33; Deuteronomy 12:32; Numbers 15:37-41; Deuteronomy 31:9-13; Leviticus 26:3-46) "The Faithful" God makes it very clear. Obey Him, and you will be blessed. Disobey, and face terrible consequences. Do you think this is true today? Of course it is. When you compare the outcome between those who revere God and those who don't, it is obvious. For, God does not look to see how religious you are. What really counts is whether or not you love Him and will trust Him. Israel had always been religious. But they weren't always faithful. This led to their eventual downfall. How about you? Are you merely religious, or more reliant when it comes to God? Would God say you have a close relationship with Him? Today, take a close look at your commitment to God. Make sure you are devoted to Him. Trust Him… and be truly blessed. 

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Mar 5-(Lev 19:9-10; Deut 24:19-22; 23:24-25; Lev 25:35-38; Deut 5:16; Lev 19:3a; 20:9; Deut 21:18-21; Lev 19:32; Ex 22:22-24; Lev 19:33-34; 24:22; 19:14, 16-18; Deut 22:1-4; 5:21; 25:4; 22:6-7) "The Generous" Generosity is the hallmark of God's people. It's the generous people in this world who make it a better place. Your approach to the poor matters deeply to God. When you pay it forward, you lift up the spirits of people, you honor your Lord, and make it possible for Him to powerfully work. This all comes from a deep sense of gratitude for the generosity of God. Today, notice the less fortunate around you. Take a moment to recall your own poverty. Be grateful for what God has given you… and pay it forward. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 4-(Leviticus 11:46-47; Deuteronomy 14:3-5; Leviticus 11:4-23; Leviticus 11:41-45; Leviticus 11:24-38; Leviticus 20:25-26; Leviticus 11:39-40; Deuteronomy 14:21a; Leviticus 17:15-16; Exodus 22:31; Leviticus 17:10-14; Leviticus 7:22-25; Exodus 23:19) "The Holy" It is clear that God set apart the nation of Israel. His chosen people are called to a special purpose. His selection involves a distinctive life of holiness. Now, living a holy life is not so much about living flawlessly, but about living faithfully. Holiness involves every aspect of your life. You can't live the holy life God wants while keeping His sovereignty out of other areas of your life. Holiness must involve all of your desires and habits. That is why God is giving dietary instructions to His people. Everything they say and everything they do matters to Him. God calls you to live a holy life too. He wants your holiness to involve everything you say and do. He cares about what you put in your body because it is His temple. Today, let the words you say and the things you do display God's holiness. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

Mar 3-(Lev 14-15) "The Filthy" It doesn't take much to get messy; and life can be pretty filthy. But God lays out a way to be clean again. It involves Blood and Water? Hmmm, it still does, doesn't it? For, God sent His son to shed His blood for you! It doesn't matter how filthy you may think you are, God is interested in getting you clean! His Son's blood can get rid of any sin. Today, praise your God for getting rid of your sin! 

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Mar 2-(Deuteronomy 21:10-14; Deuteronomy 24:1-5; Deuteronomy 22:13-21;  Leviticus 18:1-5; Deuteronomy 5:18; Leviticus 18:20; Deuteronomy 22:23-24; Leviticus 19:20-22; Numbers 5:11-31; Leviticus 19:29; Deuteronomy 23:17-18; Leviticus 18:6-8; Leviticus 20:11; Leviticus 18:9, 11; Leviticus 20:17 Leviticus 18:10, 12-14, 20:19-20, 18:15, 20:12, 18:16, 20:20-21, 18:17, 20:14, 18:18-19, 20:18, 18:22, 20:13, 18:23, 20:15-16, 18:24-30, 20:24; Deuteronomy 22:5) "The Pure" Whew! What a long list of verses. If you take the time to read these, you can't help but notice that God deeply cares about your sexual purity. He wants you to respect and honor the sanctity of marriage. He wants His people to be faithful to their spouses. How about you? What is your stand on sexual purity? How close do you get to 'The Line’? Today, make a vow of purity to God. Decide to avoid sexual impurity… and honor God with your body. 

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Mar 1-(Deuteronomy 15:12-18, Ex 21:1-11) "The Servant" After years of service, he is free to go; but he can't bring himself to leave. He wants to stay. Why? His master has been good to him. So his master takes him over to a doorpost and pushes an awl through his servant's ear. This gesture makes him a servant for the rest of his life! You serve a wonderful master too. With love, He's been good to you as well. He gladly laid down His life for you. As you think about this today, let God's love motivate you to stay at His side. Yearn to have your ear pierced by your master… and serve Him the rest of your life! (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)