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Tim Gill 

 Preacher at  G.A.C.

    As we once again read through The Daily Bible, early every morning I will be posting my thoughts on the people in each day’s reading – entitled 'DailyPeople' –
right here at GreaterAltonChurch.Org. After each reading, simply click the button at the top of each month's Reading Plan to get my take on who you just read about. To share your questions or comments, please text me, or send me 
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I hope this is helpful in 2016 as you... Read  The  Bible  In  One  Year!!     Tim

July 31-(Jeremiah 15:10-17:18) "Jeremiah" Jeremiah is disturbed! He feels like he's been sold a bill of goods. He is beginning to realize that he will be persecuted for doing the right thing. Jeremiah realizes that though he has been extremely faithful, he will go through God's punishment on Judah too. This seems totally unfair to Jeremiah. Why should he have to suffer the same punishment as everyone else? Why, when he's been so good? But God reassures Jeremiah that he will prevail. God won't let Jeremiah down. Funny thing... Jeremiah suffers through rejection from his home town, death threats, imprisonment, and Nebuchadnezzar's heartless siege on Jerusalem. He wasn't insulated from any of these hardships; and neither will you! Look... God doesn't promise you that everything is going to be 'hunky-dory' if you trust Him. In fact, life can get more difficult when you seriously follow the Lord. And when things like difficulties, rejection, persecution, and suffering come along, you can become sore about it and feel like God is not taking care of you like He promised. But the truth is, God IS taking care of you. Better yet, God is using you! You see, He needs faithful people available when hardships come to your family, workplace, and city. He needs you to be right alongside of those in a crisis so they can see how trusting God works. God was good to Jeremiah. How can you know this? Everyone else crashed and burned, but not Jeremiah. He may have been banged up a bit, but in the end, God's faithful servant was still standing. Today, if you are feeling like you got the dirty end of the stick, don't be discouraged! God loves you and is protecting you right now. He has you strategically in the right place to use you. Hey!! YOU WILL PREVAIL! After the dust has settled, you will still be standing!! 

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July 30-(Jeremiah 13:1-15:9) "The Wanderer" What can anyone say? Jeremiah doesn't mean to be negative. He has to tell the truth. God's people are about to go through the ringer!! They walk aimlessly because they are full of pride! What has happened to these people? They have lost their way. They wander and don't seem to care. The God who brought them out of bondage has no choice but to let their rebellion lead them back into slavery. Some will perish by the sword. Like Moses, Jeremiah will see the survivors go into captivity. What can you learn from all this? The biggest mistake you can make as a believer is to become complacent with your God; because there is nothing good for those who ignore the Lord. When you walk away from God, you end up back where you were—captive to sin. You can't let this happen to you!! Today, do a spiritual inventory of your life. Are you walking with the Lord? Is your faith growing? Is your journey leading to Heaven? Today, keep your eyes on the Lord. Give God your heart! 

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July 29-(Jeremiah 10:1-12:17) "The Goldsmith" With great skill, a goldsmith fashions something unique... something special. Though it dazzles people with its beauty, it is worthless. Man has made his idols for generations. He pours his life into each of them, hoping to find fulfillment and satisfaction. For a few moments, his idols give him some sense of pleasure; but in the end they come up short. Today, man continues to make his idols. An idol can be a career, a car, a house, a person, or a guilty pleasure. But like all idols, when tested, they sit there in silence. Why? They are man-made, not God-made. Jeremiah reminds you, today, that there is nothing like your God. There is nothing on earth that can be made that loves you like the one who made YOU! God deeply cares about you. He understands you better than anyone or anything. Today, worship your God, and look to Him to satisfy the hunger of your soul. 

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July 28-(Jeremiah 7:1-9:26) "Ancestors" Everyone has them. Ancestors... These are the family members who lived long before you. There is nothing like a story about an ancestor. But the most valuable thing about having ancestors is how much you can learn from them. It's their experiences that help you 'experience' the best of life. That's why God brings up Judah's ancestry. He's hoping Judah will learn from the mistakes of their ancestors. Yet, they don't learn a thing! Are you learning anything significant from your ancestors? What lessons do you think God wants you to get from your ancestors? Today, think about what your ancestors did with the Lord. Allow their spirituality to touch your heart. Learn from their mistakes, and develop a healthy and humble attitude. 

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July 27-(Jeremiah 6) "Rejected Silver" God calls His people rejected silver. Hmmm... Why call them that? What is He meaning? Well, heat has a refining effect on metal. With heat, you can bend and shape metal to a required shape. Heat brings out the impurities. Heat makes metal purer and stronger. Without heat, precious metals like gold and silver are nearly worthless. God has turned up the heat on Judah. Though God has turned up the heat, Judah is no longer responding... They ignore God's discipline. So, Judah is no longer changing. The impurities of sin still remain in her. Since she refuses to be refined, Judah is rejected and tossed aside. Occasionally God will turn up the heat in your life. God will use problems and pain to humble you and purify your faith. When He does, get excited; because your painful moments can bring out your best! God is working on you to remove the worst, and bring out your best. Is God turning up the heat in your life? What impurities is He trying to remove in you? Is it working? If God is turning up the heat in your life, praise Him! Don't reject His discipline. For this is evidence of His love for you and His intense desire to refine your faith. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 26-(Jeremiah 3:6-5:13) "Two Timer" God paints a graphic picture, through the prophet Jeremiah, of the unfaithfulness of His People. He compares them to whores and prostitutes! Why? They have been unfaithful to their 'husband'. Now you may think this is a little harsh, but Israel and Judah had slowly departed from their strong commitment to God. They may talk like they were dedicated to God, but that's all it is... talk! Their worship and praise is just a lot of hot air! Many claim today to believe in God. They see themselves as faithful too. They come to church on Sundays and appear so serious about God; but it's only a show. They sing... they pray... they smile as they greet others; but no sooner are they out the door, they change—the songs they have sung fade away, and the sermon is quickly forgotten as they pursue what they are really excited about. They may fool other people, but God sees through this. Like a husband full of rage, He is upset by their unfaithfulness—their hypocrisy. He wants a divorce! Wow!! Are you being faithful to God? Are you in love with the Lord? Are other things taking you away from God? Today, renew your vows to God. Let Him know how much you love Him. Don't let anything come between the two of you. Give your heart to God! 

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July 25-(Jeremiah 1:9-10) "Jeremiah" Considered to be the son of a high priest, God chose him before he was born for a special mission. Though he lacked confidence in his own abilities, God knew what he could do, and would help Jeremiah influence Israel for over 50 years! His job involved uprooting, tearing down, and destroying the ungodly values and ideals around him in order to build and plant righteousness. That's what it takes to turn things toward God. There must be uprooting before planting, and tearing down before there can be any serious building. Jeremiah would practice this concept in his own life as he challenged others to turn to God. What sinful attitude do you need to uproot so God's word can grow in your heart? What needs to be torn down in order to make room for God to build godly character in your life? Like Jeremiah, God gives you a mission. Today, consider what you need to change, and how you can help others turn to God. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 24-(Zephaniah 1:1-3:20; 2 Chronicles 33:24-34:7) "Mighty Warrior" He stands strong with sword in hand. He's intimidating to his foes. He swiftly rips through the opposition with skill. When the battle is over, He is still standing. His sword is raised in victory. There are no survivors! Why does He fight? He fights for justice. But most of all, He fights for you! For this mighty warrior is on your side. Whew!! Thank God!! Who is this mighty warrior? This is Jesus (Isa. 9:6). Jesus came to a hostile world and battled against evil! He was wounded and killed to give you freedom. He laid down His life to save yours. You stand in victory today because of this brave soldier. Today, think about the freedom you experience because of Jesus. Appreciate His courage by living your life to please Him. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 23-(2 Kings 21:17-26; 2 Chronicles 33:18-23; 2 Kings 22:1, 23:26-27) "Amon" What will you pass on to your children? What will you pass on to the next generation? Amon is a chip off the old block. He has many of the values and mannerisms of his father, Manasseh. He rejects God and worships idols. After all, it's all he knows. He is only imitating his dear old dad. This leads to Judah's destruction. It's important that the next generation sees spiritual values from you. You may think it's important for you to model things like responsibility and working hard to the younger generation, but they need to see much more. They must have examples of how a true disciple lives in a wicked world. They need to see the reality and tension that is involved in being a real Christian. They must see what to do when they fail. They need to see and hear what it is like to follow Jesus Christ. So, how about it? What will you display today? What will the young see from your life? Because, they are bound to repeat what they have learned from you. So let them learn something awesome!! Today, set a good example. Show the younger generation what being a Christian is all about. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 22-(Nahum) "The Wicked" You don't hear much preaching on the wrath of God these days. A Google search on the topic will leave you wanting. Most would say it's not politically correct to mention God's wrath; it's too negative. Others would point out that a focus on God's wrath doesn't jive with God's love. But the truth is, many of the prophets who spoke of God's love also spoke of God's wrath. Isaiah, the Minor Prophets, the apostle Paul, John (The apostle of love), and the Lord himself, all spoke of God's love and wrath with deep conviction. Why? God will hold mankind accountable for their sin. Whether it's Assyria or the neighbor next door, God's wrath is coming to those who reject Him. The question is: Is God’s wrath coming for you? The wrath of God reminds us that you, (as well as everyone else), fall short of God's glory, and need a savior. Praise God you have one, huh? Today, let the love of God pull you toward heaven, while the wrath of God pushes you away from hell. Let the wrath of God motivate you to turn to the Lord. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 21-(2 Chronicles 33:10-17) "Manasseh of Judah" Sometimes God has to get your attention the hard way; and there's nothing that gets your attention more than pain! Do you agree? That's how God gets Manasseh’s attention. King Manasseh is captured, and, with a hook in his nose, he is led to Babylon! Manasseh's spirit is broken, and he cries out to God. The Lord sees his penitent heart and delivers him back to Judah. Out of gratitude, Manasseh rebuilds the walls of the city and restores the altar of God. What painful experience did god use to get your attention? What will your gratitude motivate you to do for the Lord today? Be thankful that God gets your attention! This means He loves you and wants to work in your life. That's a good thing!! So use your painful moments to your advantage. Let your trials develop a greater commitment to God. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 20-(Isaiah 61) "Oak of Righteousness" God is so good! He is the ultimate source of the blessings of life. Here in Isaiah 61, He refers to those who He blesses as Oaks of Righteousness. Have you ever taken the time to look at an oak tree? The mighty oak stands tall and secure among all the other trees of the forest. Its leaves are broad and green. After a violent storm, the mighty oak still stands! You get the idea that, when you trust the Lord, He makes your life secure. You flourish... You last... You are sustained in times of peril. While everyone else can be uprooted with the slightest bit of trouble, the righteous are sustained by the power of God. Today, sink your roots deep into the Lord. When the storm clouds of despair appear on the horizon, keep trusting in God. For, He blesses His oaks with righteousness and peace. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 19-(Isaiah 57:1-2) "The Righteous Dead" Why do good people die too soon? Why do the righteous die like anyone else? Well, first of all, the righteous are not like everyone else; so their death has with it a bigger purpose in mind. Isaiah makes an interesting observation about the death of the righteous. Though it may be very difficult to fully understand why, sometimes the righteous die to be spared of something worse. Another difference from everyone else is that the righteous experience great peace when they die! Because they are right with God, death is only a doorway to eternity for the righteous. As a believer, you can be confident that, when you face your own death, you will be in God's loving hands. So don't fret over your death. Instead, keep trusting God who promises great peace when you pass on. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 18-(Isaiah 56) "The Eunuch" 750 years after Isaiah's words, a Eunuch is reading Isaiah 53 when he meets Philip on a desert road (Acts 8). So, imagine how the Eunuch felt as he read the passage you read today, shortly after his baptism. This had to put a smile on his face! For he would realize that his 'scars' didn't keep him from being in the presence of God. His experience with Philip was what God deeply desired. The scars of your past do not prevent you from knowing God either. God deeply wants to be close to you. The scars on Jesus make your scars powerless to ruin you. Today, praise your God for His great love. Thank Him for making it possible for you to be saved. 

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July 17-(Isaiah 53) "Scum" He wasn't much to look at. Growing up in a small town, most folks considered him to be from the wrong side of the tracks. If people caught a glimpse of him, their eyes usually darted away. He was used to rejection, and knew the pain of ridicule first hand. Who is this servant of God Isaiah is talking about? It's Jesus. And when Jesus was crucified, most people thought He deserved it; but He didn't. Jesus was innocent and guilty at the same time! Innocent of any personal wrong doing, yet guilty of your sins! That's why He died. And praise God He died! For, by His wounds, your relationship with God is healed. Today, praise God for His son who would embrace death to bring you eternal life. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 16-(Isaiah 48:16-50:11) "Mom" It doesn't matter how bad you are; Mom will always love you! This is the picture Isaiah is painting as he talks about how God feels about His people. For, Israel has been bad! She has forgotten God. Israel has forsaken God. Their sins have piled up against them. But God cannot forget His children, and He wants them to come home. And God goes to great lengths to bring them back. What have you done to strain your relationship with God? Where have you blown it? Are your sins piling up against you? If so, you have a God that refuses to forget you. You have a God who refuses to write you off. Like a loving mother, God isn't content with you simply being safe... He wants you home! He wants you home now!! You may not think of God all day today, but you will be on His mind ALL DAY! That's how much He loves you. So appreciate His love and kindness. And while you are at it, extend some of His love to others. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 15-(Isaiah 45:14-48:15) "Cyrus" What or who is God using to change your life? God will use anything and anyone to get your attention. In the case of Israel, God is using the King of Persia to confirm His omnipotence and omniscience to His people. Cyrus would crush Babylon, and take Israel too. Why? It seems God's people have grown skeptical of God's power and wisdom. They are turning to other things – man made things – for their happiness. But God reminds them that their things are useless. He tells them that He is nothing like a carved stick of wood that sits idle on a shelf. For, God cares enough to actually speak to His creation. God reveals His wonderful truth to His people. They are never in the dark. Neither are you! If you listen closely, God speaks to you! He wants you to have wisdom. He wants you to be secure. God wants you to know the truth. And His promises..? Ahhh, they are very good! God is active right now, and working in your life too. There is nothing idle about your God. You can be sure that He is working with an eternal purpose in mind. If needed, He will send a 'King Cyrus' to wake you up and get you back on track. How is God trying to get your attention? How is God working on you? What is He wanting to develop in you? Today, give Him your attention… and let Him work. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 14-(Isaiah 44) "God's Prized Possession" Isaiah paints a beautiful picture of the future of God's people. There will be a day when all His people will return to Him. In that day, He will nourish His people with water and spirit. Isn't that what Jesus brought? You are living in the days Isaiah spoke of. It's awesome, isn't it? This means you are a fulfillment of God's promise. This makes you God's prized possession! Why? He made you in His image. He loves you more than anything else. He gave His own son to buy you back. He has chosen you!! So, you belong to God. Today, love your life in a way that reflects God’s ownership of you. Remind those you interact with today, that there is a God who cares about them. Remind them that they are His prized possession too. 

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July 13-(Isaiah 43:1-7) "Sons and Daughters" God makes a promise to His children. Come Hell or High water, God promises to always be with them. God makes the same promise to you. If you're going through some difficulty, He walks beside you to give you strength. If you're going through despair, God promises to stand beside you and offer comfort. If you're going through something painful, God is there to bring healing. Nothing you face can get so bad that it will destroy you. For, God is with you. God will go through death with you. He will never leave you. Today, you have a friend who sticks close to you. You have a Father who deeply loves you. You have a friend who understands and has your back. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 12-(Isaiah 40:1-41:10) "The Shepherd" He doesn't push the heard. He doesn't beat them into submission. That's what a butcher would do. But a shepherd is different. A shepherd gently leads his sheep. At times, he gathers his sheep in his arms and carries them close to his heart. This is how God is with you. He doesn't force His will on you. He doesn't whip you with guilt when you get out of line. If you were to wander off, He would search for you until He found you. Why? You are one of His own. You are His prized possession. He's not about to lose you! Like a good shepherd, He is willing to lay down His life to protect you. By the way, He did! Why would you ever consider leaving His fold? Today, ponder the many ways The Lord shepherds you in His love. As His sheep, listen for His call and quickly follow. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 11-(2 Kings 20:21-21:9; 21:16, 21:10-21:15)? "Manasseh" These are dark times for Judah. After Hezekiah dies, his son Manasseh takes the throne. He is only 12 years old. For the next 55 years, Manasseh reintroduces Baal and Asherah worship to the people. He goes so far as to build a couple of altars to these gods in the temple courts, and eventually sacrifices his own son! God is furious!! God would wipe Jerusalem off the map like one who wipes off a dirty dish. Each generation must decide what they are going to do with God. What are you doing with God? How important is the Kingdom of God to you? Will the church be around after you die? Manasseh serves as a warning to each generation. Today, God has given you the opportunity and responsibility to follow His will. Will you follow God today? Choose wisely!! The future of God's kingdom rests on your decision. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 10-(2 Chronicles 32:1-23, 25-33; 2 Kings 19:1-37) "Sennacherib" Nations have fallen at his feet. Why would Judah be any different? Sennacherib arrogantly boasts of his many victories. But this powerful King isn't facing just anyone. This time, Sennacherib meets his match. For the first time in his life, the mighty King Sennacherib faces the armies of God and is soundly defeated. He would return to Assyria humiliated and whipped. Soon after his return, he would be assassinated by his own sons. Hmmm... Nothing can stand against God. Nothing!! Today, face your problems with great confidence. For no matter how powerful your hardships or obstacles may appear... no matter how impossible your situation may seem, remember that they are impotent before your God. Today, put your trust in God… and find great victory!

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July 9-(Isaiah 30) "Rahab, The Do-Nothing" What a name for Judah: Rahab, the Do-Nothing. This name has nothing to do with Rahab in Joshua 2. Isaiah is referring to a mythical monster by the name of Rahab. Translated literally, it reads: "The Big Mouth That Does Nothing". This is what has happened to Judah. As Assyria's armies amass on their boarders, Judah is getting nervous. They know deep inside that they have rebelled against God, and will face tragic consequences. As a last-ditch effort, Judah appeals to Egypt instead of God for deliverance. It would be a huge mistake! For Sennacherib would soon invade and take Egypt! What do you trust in times of trouble? It's foolish to trust in the things of this earth. Trusting in anything else but God will only leave you disappointed. The things of this earth can do nothing to save you. For God is the only one who will deliver you in times of peril. What are you going through today? Who will you trust in times of trouble? Will you trust the stock market? Will you trust your government? Will you simply trust in yourself? Or… will you trust The Lord?  Today, trust the Lord to take care of you. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 8-(2 Kings 17:3-41; 18:9-11) "Jeroboam" What you do today will make an impact on future generations. The end is near for God's people. God has had enough of His people rejecting and rebelling against Him. Assyrian armies rally along the borders of Israel. They come to take Israel away. Years later, Judah will fall to Babylonia. This tragic end can be traced all the way back to King Jeroboam. It was his rebellion that started the whole process. Make no mistake. The life you lead will have an impact on your family, friends, and community. You may assume that you are not making any difference; but you are! Today, accept your significance on this earth. Let God use you to pass on to the next generation the kinds of values and conduct that will please God. Pass on something positive. Touch the future by living a godly life today. 

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July 7-(Isaiah 22:15-25) "Shebna & Eliakim" You probably never heard of these two fellas. How could ya? They are only mentioned a handful of times in the Bible. Who are these two guys? What are they doing here in Isaiah 22? Well, Shebna was the steward of the King. He was the guy who was in charge of the King's property. He also managed all the affairs of the King. The thing is, Shebna was doing a lousy job as the King's manager. So Eliakim would soon replace Shebna as head steward. But Isaiah is talking about something more than a managerial shake up. Shebna and Eliakim represent two groups of people in God's Kingdom. Shebna represents the unfaithful in Israel, while Eliakim represents the faithful few. You see, there are people in God's kingdom who do not take care of THE KING'S matters. Like Shebna, they slowly grow haughty and indifferent, with misplaced ambition. Life in the kingdom has become more about pleasing themselves than about pleasing their King. Like Shebna and rest of Israel, they tragically lose everything they've worked so hard for. So what does God do? God raises up a new steward... a faithful steward. He raises up people who will serve THE KING instead of themselves! Like Eliakim, this remnant – these faithful few – seek God's kingdom first. They are most concerned about what their King wants done. They pass this conviction on to their kids and friends. God richly rewards them too. Which of these guys best represents you today? Are you more like Shebna… or Eliakim? 

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July 6-(Isaiah 28) "The Farmer" He carefully breaks up the dirt... He knows how essential it is to occasionally disturb the soil if the plants are going to grow healthy and mature. So he is very careful... He is careful to not crush the crop as he breaks up the ground. This is the picture of God as He disciplines His people in Israel. Like a good farmer, God will occasionally break your heart. He will disrupt your life in order to help you grow and mature. He doesn't seek to crush you, but to break you open to bring out the good stuff. If you are now going through a tough time, remember that The Farmer has your best interests in mind. He is planning ahead. He works to bring out a harvest of righteousness in you. So stay calm... let God work... trust Him... He knows what He is doing! For, a great harvest is in your future… if you don't give up. 

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July 5-(Isaiah 32:1-8; 35:1-10) "A New King" Israel will soon be no more. Her rebellion has caught up with her. Over the years, a parade of Kings has passed by, ruling God's people. Some of these kings ruled with great humility, while the majority of these anointed ones ruled foolishly. But God makes a promise to His people. He promises that a new King will eventually emerge, deliver, and rule with great wisdom. He will richly bless His people. Who is this new King? It's Jesus Christ. Today, Jesus reigns as King of Kings. His word is very powerful. When He gives a command, it must be obeyed. He is very rich too, but King Jesus would give it all up to make you rich with righteousness. This is what King Jesus did. He laid down his life to save yours. Today, surrender to your New King, Jesus Christ. Give Him your allegiance and service. 

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July 4-(2 Chronicles 29:3-31:21) "Hezekiah" Imagine a thick layer of dust covering the articles inside the Temple. It's been a long time since the sound of worship and the aroma of burning incense has come from this holy place. God has been neglected and forgotten. The people have lost their way. But as soon as Hezekiah takes the throne, he gives orders to clean out the Temple. He commands that the Temple be made holy. He orders the Levites back to their stations. God is going to be worshiped once again! Quickly, the priests start offering bulls, rams, and grain on God's alter. Why? Why the urgency? Well, before the people can restore their lives, they must restore their relationship with The Lord!! It makes sense, doesn't it? What would you like to change in your life? What's broken in your life? What would you like to restore? Before you start on anything, Hezekiah encourages you to start at the beginning. Start with your relationship with God. Your success will be determined by this initial step. For God blesses those who seek Him. He grants success to those who get serious about following Him. 

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July 3-(Isaiah 13:1-22, 21:1-10) "Babylon" There's no doubt that God rules the nations!! He would use Babylon to defeat Assyria. Later He would use the Medes to defeat Babylon, and deliver His people from exile. All this would take place in the next 175 years. As you look at world events today, you may find yourself wondering what is going to happen to America. Will our nation be around forever? That's hard to say. Based on Bible history and patterns, probably not. One thing is sure: God will have His way with the nations. If He wants to use another nation to discipline America, who can stop Him? And what of His people? What will happen to them? As painful as it might get in the future, God's people will prevail!! In the meantime, keep trusting God. Keep sharing your faith with others. Keep doing ‘good’ in your community. And if the Lord were to return in the middle of it all, let Him find you focused on His Kingdom!! 

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July 2-(2 Kings 16:7-20; 2 Chronicles 28:22-27; 2 Kings 18:1-8) "Ahaz" Fear is a powerful emotion. Facing danger will strongly challenge your faith in God's power. This is what is happening to one of the worst kings in the history of Judah. Ahaz is being bullied by Israel and Damascus to join forces against Assyria, but Ahaz is having none of it. To get these guys off his back, Ahaz strikes a deal with, of all people, Tiglath-Pileser (King of Assyria) to help him. What a blunder! Judah goes from the frying pan into the fire. Now, under pressure from Assyria, Ahaz starts building pagan altars all over Jerusalem. He takes the bronze altar (The true altar of God) for himself, but it is useless now. For, he has surrendered his relationship with God for another. What do you do when you feel pressured to compromise your faith in God? What's wrong with bending the rules a little in order to avoid ridicule or rejection? There's plenty! Once you start making deals, you will continue until you have no convictions at all. The other problem is obvious—God doesn't work that way. He expects to be first. Ahaz may have dodged a bullet for now, but only for a little while. His family – his nation – would eventually fall. Today, take a good look at your faith. Are you compromising your faith in God to save your skin? What will happen to your family and friends if you cave in? Whatever you are facing, continue to trust in the power of your God. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)

July 1-(Isaiah 34:1-4, 14:24-27, 15:1-9, 16:1-14, 17:1-14) "The Moabites" Based on Lot's (Abraham's nephew) incest with his daughters, the Moabites were blood kin to Israel (Gen 19). But even blood kin could not avoid or deter the judgement of God. Moab would lead Israel into idol worship. Moab would grow into a bitter enemy of God's people too. But Isaiah has compassion on these people. His heart seems to break as he contemplates the horrible consequences of Moab's disobedience. Does it humble and break your heart when you hear of the hardships of those who are prideful and disobedient to God? Or does it bring you pleasure to see people get what they deserve? God does not delight in punishing people. He mourns when the pagan perishes. Today, let the display of God's judgment on the ungodly serve as a warning, and break your heart. (CLICK to share your thoughts with me!)